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There is no reason to feel "guilty" for having to file for bankruptcy.

Filing for bankruptcy protection is NOT an indication of permanent failure or of dishonesty, and is often most HONEST approach to handling a financial crisis than other options.

Things happen; therefore congress enacted laws that are designed to benefit YOU, your creditors, businesses, and the economy. This is accomplished because the laws attempt to provide a way for persons and businesses to continue on as normally as possible instead of experiencing such a blow that they are unable to any longer make any worthwhile contribution to national commerce.

Las Vegas Bankruptcy Attorney

A person needing to file for protection in Las Vegas Nevada should

He or she should instead seek out an Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney that is known to thoughtfully review each client's individual circumstances and assist that client accordingly.

Do not get "talked into" legal services that you do not need! Many people are talked into filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy protection by large "Bankruptcy Mills" when it may not be in their best interest. If you are underwater on your mortgage; that is, you owe more on your home loan than your home is worth, filing may not be your best option. If your mortgage is your only substantial debt, there are other methods by which you can fix this problem without going through the experience of filing.

Choosing the right bankruptcy attorney in Las Vegas. If you go to meet with a lawyer about your issues and you are met by a receptionist behind a glass barrier that hands you a long form to complete; that requires all of your personal and financial information BEFORE you ever meet with a real attorney, you may want to run.

It is not uncommon for a person who files for bankruptcy to think everything is going to be fine; but are rudely surprised when they attend their meeting of creditors and the court ends up taking from them all of their money and other property. Most attorneys who run "Bankruptcy Mills" do not even know the client or the client's information. There are many times when we have seen attorneys show up in court and not even recognize their own client. If the attorney does not familiarize themselves with the client, and allows their paralegal to do all the work, the entire process ends up being more stressful and damaging to the client. It has been common for us; to have a person contact us who is frustrated with their bankruptcy lawyer because they are not giving them the one-on-one attention needed to ensure that their experience is a good one.

An attorney who states "That's ALL We Do" may not be equipped to do little more than try to talk you into filing a bankruptcy in order to fix your real estate debts; because that is "What They Do" and nothing else. They do no profit by explaining to you all the options available, so they often are not interested in meeting with you UNLESS you are going to actually file. Choosing an attorney that has the Experience necessary to fully inform you of ALL of the options available to you is VERY important.

There are a FEW bankruptcy attorneys who do nothing but bankruptcies, who are good, and who will not conduct themselves in this unprofessional manner... BUT only just a very few.

Bankruptcy law has undergone some changes lately. Filing has become more difficult than in the past due to the recent changes in the law. Many may not easily qualify for protection when in the past they would have. However, if you speak to an Experienced attorney, you will be pleasantly surprised at what options may be available to you by either filing or by using other strategies to manage or control your financial matters. What about those Low Cost Firms that advertise everywhere? Do not get fooled by the "Bankruptcy Mills" that offer filings for just a few dollars. Most of the time the advertised fee is not an honest representation of the total fees you will need to pay using an actual lawyer. When looking for lawyer, choose one that is up front regarding the TOTAL cost of filing. $100 dollars down will get you nowhere.

The "Free Consultation" sales gimmick. You get what you pay for. In most cases, the "free consultation" is simply a sales ploy to get you into their office so they can obtain your personal information and determine how to sell you on using their services. In more cases than not, information obtained in free consultations is not enough to prepare you to handle your legal matters. For useful, legal assistance, you will need to pay for it. Instead of a "free consultation", it is easier and quicker to spend a few short moments on the phone with a lawyer so he or she can provide you with all of the initial direction you may need to determine whether or not you need a lawyer and if the lawyer with whom you are speaking is the one for you...and that short communication should be FREE!

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